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When we opened our doors in 2008, we had no idea how fast the company was going to grow. Business took off, and we quickly outgrew our first center.

After relocating to a larger facility, we were given full freedom to implement the creative ideas we had brewing. The result? A spunky, fabulous floor plan that manifested our vision and furthered our company’s growth.

Soon after our Wilmington center was set in stone, our first franchise opened its doors in Cary. Since then, we have experienced exponential growth each year. We’ve established more locations, increased the number of registered families, added unique programs, and seen an increase in overall revenue.

Our Timeline of Growth

Our vision is to provide on demand, superior child care to families everywhere. 

Original location opened in Wilmington, NC

First Franchise location opens in Cary, NC

Three additional Franchise locations are opened in NC

Franchise locations expand to SC

Two Franchise locations in Charlotte, NC are set to open

What MAkes it work

WHo we are

Our success has stemmed from hard work by everyone involved, from our team members, to our directors, franchise owners and founding partners.

Why do we all work so hard? Because every one of us in the Giggles family believes in what we do. We love children and they are our passion. It is our goal to make a small difference in all of the lives that we touch.  (15,000 families and counting).

We know that parenting is one of the most rewarding things life has to offer but it is also one of the most difficult. We strive to make that job, just a little bit easier for our parents while at the same time giving kids what they all want, more time to just be a kid!



What Parents Say

Giggles was a God send right from the start for our family this summer. As a mother of four daughters and a wife to a husband who travels for work, life can become very hectic. When doctor appointments fall every day for a week straight, our eight year old is bored while I am juggling 3 toddlers or I just simply need to clean my house I turn to Giggles. All the ladies at Giggles care and love for my girls like their own.  This summer brought a lot of trials for our family as our 8 year old became chronically ill and if it wasn’t for Giggles I really do not know how I would have been able to get through it.  The girls beg to go to giggles and adore the staff. They truly have become family and I cannot thank them enough for what they continue to provide for all of us.

I have used Giggles for the past year for my grandson who is almost two years old. He enjoys EVERY visit tremendously! It is the only day care that I have ever visited that immediately upon arrival, we are greeted with a smiling face of an employee who provides a safe and secure check-in and a day care provider who immediately embraces my grandson to get him interacting with the other children. The activities are so exciting and educational. Having children at the site of various ages is outstanding because the older kids enjoy nurturing the smaller kids, while teaching them responsibility. My family LOVES Giggles!!!

I only use Giggles because I trust the quality of care they provide. As a first time Mom (and former police officer), I was hesitant to leave my toddler with anyone. Giggles had no reservations the first time I brought her, and stayed to observe the activities. I also like the fact that you can check on your child via the Internet, that the doors are secured, and the cleanliness of the facilities. My toddler gets the chance to play and socialize, while I get a few hours to myself, and most importantly, peace of mind. Definitely recommend!