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Giggles Drop-In Childcare is rapidly advancing the childcare industry with eleven years of experience in serving families with hourly childcare.  Giggles provide families with the freedom to use childcare on their own terms, with flexible hours and without a reservation.

An alternative to traditional childcare, Giggles offers hourly care for children, ages 1-12, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. In addition to its hourly care with a range of daily activities, Giggles offers special programs including Summer Camp and After School care. Children enjoy free play throughout the day, building important social skills while having fun.

THE Growing trend

changing with the times

Growing franchise trends in America say a recession-proof business that meets the needs of the Millennial and Baby Boomer generations are key to ongoing success.  It’s simple really, as the digital age progresses so will the growing needs of those raising a family.


Research says franchise business opportunities that support families and help build strong character is key now more than ever before. Services spanning from daycare to fun fitness, nutrition, and education programs for the younger set are top-of-mind. But make no mistake, the ante has been upped.  Consumers want a family-like experience for their kids that pulls double duty.  They want drop-in daycare convenience and friendly childcare pros to watch their kids while they do simple daily tasks.



As of 2017, there were an estimated 24 million children in the United States under the age of 5, and more than 18 million were in some sort of child care every week. The result is a $53 billion industry that’s forecast to continue growing as more households have two working parents


on demand

we’re changing how childcare is done

Not everyone’s childcare needs to fit into the traditional daycare model.  Families have parents that work part-time, go to school, work from home, volunteer and a million other activities.  Their childcare needs to be flexible enough to fit these needs and more. We recognize this and have carved our niche in the childcare market.  We provide childcare on-demand.