In a world that is constantly in motion, we strive to provide a designated space for parents and children, alike, to not feel as though they are spinning out of control. Tasks lists pile up, job demands grow, and parenting demands always remain a top priority. But, how do you manage all of the above while making sure that your parenting demands are met first?

While drop-in childcare is not as new as it once was, it is still a concept that most parents are relatively unfamiliar with. In contrast to traditional childcare, drop-in childcare offers parents the freedom to schedule life on their own terms.  Reliable childcare that is available to parents exactly when they need it is music to any parents ears, allowing them the free time to do whatever it is that adults do. Whether that is a meeting, a workout class, or even a coffee break with a friend, it is to be had knowing that your child is safe, secure, and happy in the care of those you can trust.

Trusting the most important person(s) with just anyone is not easy.  An environment where families feel welcomed and well informed is a crucial element to this business.  Policies and guidelines should be well thought out and executed by each staff member no matter the day, or even hour of a family’s visit. With years of experience we have learned a great deal, and as parents ourselves, we feel that is has been our pleasure ironing out the details.

A well-enjoyed stay is better made possible by a well-informed staff.  By establishing the necessary information needed for each visit, we have made it easier to know just what a child will need while in our care. From diapers to bathroom breaks. From snacks to meals. From blocks to dinosaurs. And on, and on. We have made it a priority to know what will be required of us to provide the best possible care for each child.

Playtime is a big deal to kids, and it is important to us, too. With free play throughout the day, kids are allowed to learn through play itself. Building important social skills and exploring new challenges all while having fun. While it is free-play, this does not mean that the center is total free-rein. A well organized daily schedule is the backbone to playtime for them and free time for you, with designated snack times, morning activities, meal times, and all that goes into a day well spent.

The thought and care that have gone into our centers ensure that parenting demands are met while parents are allowed to have the free time to do what they need. If you are interested in providing this service to your community, contact us.