Franchise or Start At Zero? A Child Care Franchise Opportunity

Buying a franchise grants you access to an established business model, ongoing guidance, and a support system of fellow franchisees. Knowing all this, it can certainly be a viable alternative to starting your business from scratch. 

The trick is finding the right franchisor.

Giggles Drop-In Childcare built its foundation upon the two most important requirements for childhood development: a happy child and a healthy parent. 

The world is demanding more from us every day but the most important things in life haven’t changed. A child is and will always be a parent’s top priority. But with a never-ending to-do list, fueled by increased job demands, it’s harder for them to maintain perfect control.

Our experience as parents and business owners has made Giggles Drop-In Childcare a top choice for care with more than 15,000 families and 25,000 happy kids.

Sharing Our Child Care Franchise Opportunity

Because of their role in nurturing a child’s development, child care providers are often seen as members of the family. Besides offering parents much needed time to get stuff done, they provide critical input as to how a child experiences this important period of their life.

Sure, you could start from scratch and build your business from the ground up. But if you had an opportunity to use a proven template and work with an experienced team right from inception, wouldn’t you take it? 

A child care franchise offers you just that opportunity.

You get the independence of being a small business owner and the support of a big business network. As an added bonus, you don’t necessarily need the experience of running a business to make a franchise work. All the training you need is offered by the franchisor, supplemented by the positive qualities you bring to the table.

You may also find it less costly to buy a child care franchise than to start your own facility from the ground up. You can take advantage of the established reputation and use the franchise’s existing brand image to more easily market your services in your area. 

In comparison, a new independent business needs to spend a considerable sum regularly just to get noticed.

Overall, your odds of success are much higher with a franchise than an independent business. Some studies have shown that franchise businesses have a survival rate of up to 90 percent

However, instead of taking this figure at face value, we encourage our potential franchisees to take a look under the hood. Spend time digging in to understand the business, evaluate the brand, and examine the values that shape the service. 

Final Thoughts: Franchise or Start At Zero? A Child Care Franchise Opportunity

If owning a franchise — enjoying the benefits of being associated with an established brand and gaining the freedom that comes with running a business — sounds like an interesting opportunity to you, take time to investigate your options. 

At Giggles Franchise, Inc. we’re ready to answer all your questions and help you understand the full scope of the investment including the financial, legal, and marketing commitments all franchises are held to.

Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity and how you can use it to improve both yourself and thousands of families in need of reliable child care services.